Spell for job search

Spell for job search

Best at the beginning of your job

Moonphase: Start neumond and
End at full moon.

weekday: Start on a Wednesday,
Thursday or Sunday.

You need this:

  • brown candle
  • Candle in a color of your choice
  • green candle
  • Bergamotte

The three candles on your altar and tap some
Gamotte oil on every wick. This oil stands for luck with ar-
Birthday projects. First, you ignite the candle that you
have chosen because their color is a particular meaning for
You have. Imagine the kind of work pictorially, the
You would like to practice. Attempts to give you concrete
to introduce you who would take over, and think
That's how you fulfill you would feel. Speak the following
The words: I wish a work. It's my right.
Free the way and bring my destination into sight. Over
Next, the green candle that stands for money, and
Say the following words: Bring luck and abundance, let wealth
to flow to me. Imagine how you paid for your work
Will. Finally, the brown candle indicates that for the
There is a future job, and say the words: Bring this
Work to me. That's how it should be! Repeat this saying
Time daily to the full moon or until you your new job