The 1st sign of the zodiac

March 21 to 20 April

The first sign of the zodiac is full of energy. As a positive, cardinal fire sign, Aries is extroverted, initiator and passionate. He focuses its energies on bringing things into progress. The Aries needs action.

Polarity: positive

Quality: cardinal

Element: Fire

Rule planet: Mars

Body Parts: Head and adrenal

Sun in Aries

Their purpose of life is to sue as a pioneer to open up the unknown for others. As a brave and victorious heroal design, you are always looking for challenges that you can prove.

Planets in Aries

Planets in this sign are spontaneous and daring - they like to take the initiative in the areas of life for which these planets are standing.

Aries in the houses

In these areas of life, they are competitive and self-motivated, go on risks and dust on unknown terrain.