Cleaning magic

Cleaning magic

Moonphase: New

weekday: any
Daytime: In the evening before going to bed

You need this:

  • Small red bag with drawstring
  • Acorn
  • Half lemon
  • Oak leaves

If you have the feeling too long by the bad luck
be, this spell will eliminate any evil will and
Luck to his place. Collect a bag full of
Chen leaves - preferably those that were dropped
and a single acorn. Take her home and rice
In water, to remove any dirt. Abundance
A bathtub with warm water and scatter the leaves
Inside. Then you press the lemon half over the water
the end. Hold the glans in the hand and imagine that Posi
kick the tivitancy and happiness in your life. Climb into the tub
and enjoy the oak leaves on your skin and the
Ruch of the lemon, whereby you cleaned and protected
Feel. After the bath you put the glans for relaxing
Sleep and good dreams under your pillow. Stand early
on, best before sunrise. Take the glans with
Outwards and put them out of the light while you posi
Tive thoughts knows. Then put the glans in the ro-
Ten bag and wear it in your pants or purse
with you. The glans is now with happiness and positivity