Care instructions for jewelry

  1. No chemical cleaning agents. Chemical cleaning agents can attack the top layer. This will make this crack and the gold rubs itself, etc. even completely. Stake jewelry from home and gardening!
  2. No direct contact with cosmetics such as hair spray or perfume. These means can discolor the top layer. Some are so strong that they can damage the surface directly. For this reason: First style, then create jewelry!
  3. Sweat damages the gilding sustainably. Make jewelry before sports!
  4. Showers is doubly bad through the soaps used and the ongoing sizing with water. Before showering jewelry!
  5. Make sure that you swiftly clean your jewelry when it became dirty. Clean your jewelry regularly after pollution!

Professional tip:

You get the shine and color of your piece of jewelry longer if you keep it in the original box or satin bag.

How do I clean the jewelry right?

You can wash the jewelry with mild detergent. It is important that you then splash the soapy liquor with a lot of clear water. Then you dry the jewelry with a soft cloth. Wear your jewelry only when it is completely dried.