The Navelchakra (Manipura Chakra)

  • Willpower
  • Self-confidence
  • personality
  • Development of the ego
  • Self-control
  • Feelings
  • sensitivity
  • Makes
  • Enforcement


IM Sanskrit becomes the umbilical chakra as Manipura chakradesignated. Manipura means "luminous jewel" or "site of the jewels". In Chakra teaching, Manipura Chakra is considered to be a particularly energetic chakra. Like a luminous sun, this chakra shines throughout the body and supplies him with Prana, the universal life force.

Location and physical influence

Although manipura chakra is usually referred to as a navelCHAKRA, it is not exactly the height of the nabel, but something about it, in the stomach area, at the transition between lumbar and the thoracic hotspace. Since a lot of life energy (prana) is stored in the navelchakra, this chakra is of importance for the entire organism. In particular, his energy affects stomach, small intestine and liver. But also spleen and gallbladder are supplied with energy from this chakra. In addition to the abdominal organs, it influences the digestive process as well as the vegetative nervous system. An important role plays the energetic connection to the pancreas that produces digestive enzymes and vital insulin.

Central topics

Manipura Chakra represents all aspects related to forming a healthy personality and assertiveness. From the navelchakra springs the power of feelings. People with a strong navel chakra are aware of their identity and individuality. The fire element gives them a high level of energy and liveliness. This energy is needed to develop a self-conscious I to realize its goals and actively participate the world.

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