The Herzchakra (Anahata Chakra)

  • compassion
  • humanity
  • affection
  • security
  • openness
  • tolerance
  • Heart quality


IM Sanskrit becomes the heart chakra as Anahata chakraDesignated - Anahata means "not struck" or "undamaged". This suggests that we are salvaged in our spiritual heart center and free of blemish.

Location and physical influence

The Herzchakra is located at the level of anatomical heart, but it is not moved to the left, but is located in the middle of the chest. The energy of the cardiac chakras affects the whole chest, on heart, lungs and circulation. Also the skin, the blood and hands, arms and the upper back portion are in the influence of the heart chakra. The glandular function of the TYHMUS gland, which plays an important role within the immune defense, also related to the activity of this chakras.

Central topics

In Chakra teaching, the Herzchakra is considered the center of universal, overperse love. From the heart chakra, the forces that connect to people with his fellow human beings. True compassion, which is in the fact that you and the deep understanding of the other are emotional skills that show that awareness has already achieved a high level of development. People with a strong cardiac chakra overcome egoist interests and thus exceed their limitations. In contrast to personal love, which extends only to one's own partner, the closest friends or family members, the overpercious love opens each one.

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