The Sakralchakra (Svadhistthana Chakra)

  • sexuality
  • sensuality
  • Reproduction
  • Arter
  • creativity
  • Life energy


The Sakralchakra is the center of sensuality and sexuality; It also indicates his sanction name Svadhistthana Chakra there:Svadhistthana Means as much as "sweet" or "loveliness", but can also be translated as a separate residential area.

The Sakralchakra is also known among the terms "sexual chakra", "sexual center" or "Second Chakra".

Location and physical influence

The sakralchakra is approximately at the height of the cross leg, slightly above the sex organs, some finger-wide below the bellybell. About the sexual chakra, the sexes and abdominal organs, the uterus, the kidneys and the bubble are supplied with energy. The range of effects of this chakras extends to the entire pelvic room and the raising area. The bloodstream, the lymphatic flow, the seed fluid and the urine are related to the activity of the Svadhistthana chakras, which controls the detoxification of the body over the urinary tract. In addition, the Sakralchakra also regulates the glandular function of testicles and ovaries.

Central topics

The Sakralchakra is both the center of human sexuality and female energy. Sexual energy is of great importance for arter attitude, reproductive, birth and rebuilding. The Sakralchakra Above all, represents aspects such as sexuality, creativity and creative life energy as well as sensuality and joie de vivre. If the energy flows unhindered in this chakra, then it is easy for us to enjoy life with all senses.

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