The 7 Chakras at a glance



The seven main chakras shine the body from the pelvic floor to the skull.

The chakras are awareness centers in the human body also called energetic centers, no material or anatomical. They have their origin in the energy system of man, but as well as their situation also shine the physical body.

The chakras influence the cells, the organs and the entire hormone system and affect the feelings and thoughts; So they are also psychoenergetic centers. The term Chakra dates from Sanskrit, the Altindian scholarship. He means as much as wheel or vortex.

In fact, the chakras are in a constant rotational movement. Through the circles, pull energy from the outside and distribute them in the subtle body - the astral body. About the chakras we take energy from our environment.


Positive effect of chakra work

Chakra work is an energy therapy through which you can improve your energy system. Through simple exercises you can raise your energy level and strengthen your intuitive forces. Chakra activation is a simple and effective way to heal body, mind and soul.

Impact on the body

  • The defense system is strengthened
  • The circulation is harmonized
  • Organs are detoxified
  • Circulation improves
  • The metabolism is activated
  • Function of the organs is improved
  • Aging process is delayed

Impact on consciousness

  • Fears are reduced
  • Depressive moods disappear
  • Sleep gets deep and quiet

Impact on the mind

  • Concentration is growing
  • Memory improves
  • Mental clarity arises
  • Goals are easier to achieve
  • One distinguishes substantially lighter of insignificant

The 7 Chakras 

1. The root chakra (Muladhara-Chakra)

  • stability
  • Wilare
  • survive
  • Self-preservation
  • security
  • Primeval
  • Grounding


The root chakra is the lowest chakra and thus forms the basis for all other chakras. On Sanskrit it saysMuladhara Chakra - Mula means "root" and adhara "support". Often this chakra is also referred to as the base center, Steißchakra, root center or first chakra.

Location and physical influence

The root chakra is located in the area of ​​the pelvic floor on the stub height between dam and anus and on the spine in the amount of the stupid bite. His energy supplies the pelvic floor and particularly thick and final. Other areas of influence are the bone scaffolding that gives us stability, and legs and feet that connect us to the earth. Even teeth and nails, blood formation, digestion and sciatic nerves are from the activity of theMuladhara chakrainfluenced. In addition, there is a close connection between this chakra and the glandular function of the adrenals.

Central topics

About the root chakra, man is energetically connected to the earth. No other chakra we take as much energy from the earth as about the root chakra. This chakra is therefore a source of strong life energies. Life force, primeval trust and safety are central topics of the root chakra. It represents the will for life and self-supportive shoot. If the energy can flow unhindered in this area, it is easy for man to secure his existence in this world. He stands with both legs on the floor, and nothing can bring him so easily from the socket.

2. The Sakralchakra (Svadhistthana Chakra)

  • sexuality
  • sensuality
  • Reproduction
  • Arter
  • creativity
  • Life energy


The Sakralchakra is the center of sensuality and sexuality; It also indicates his sanction name Svadhisthana-Chakra there:Svadhisthana Means as much as "sweet" or "loveliness", but can also be translated as a separate residential area.

The Sakralchakra is also known among the terms "sexual chakra", "sexual center" or "Second Chakra".

Location and physical influence

The sakralchakra is approximately at the height of the cross leg, slightly above the sex organs, some finger-wide below the bellybell. About the sexual chakra, the sexes and abdominal organs, the uterus, the kidneys and the bubble are supplied with energy. The range of effects of this chakras extends to the entire pelvic room and the raising area. The bloodstream, the lymphatic flow, the seed fluid and the urine are related to the activity of the Svadhistthana chakras, which controls the detoxification of the body over the urinary tract. In addition, the Sakralchakra also regulates the glandular function of testicles and ovaries.

Central topics

The Sakralchakra is both the center of human sexuality and female energy. Sexual energy is of great importance for arter attitude, reproductive, birth and rebuilding. The Sakralchakra Above all, represents aspects such as sexuality, creativity and creative life energy as well as sensuality and joie de vivre. If the energy flows unhindered in this chakra, then it is easy for us to enjoy life with all senses.

3. The Navelchakra (Manipura Chakra)

  • Willpower
  • Self-confidence
  • personality
  • Development of the ego
  • Self-control
  • Feelings
  • sensitivity
  • Makes
  • Enforcement


IM Sanskrit becomes the umbilical chakra as Manipura chakradesignated. Manipura means "luminous jewel" or "site of the jewels". In Chakra teaching, Manipura Chakra is considered to be a particularly energetic chakra. Like a luminous sun, this chakra shines throughout the body and supplies him with Prana, the universal life force.

Location and physical influence

Although manipura chakra is usually referred to as a navelCHAKRA, it is not exactly the height of the nabel, but something about it, in the stomach area, at the transition between lumbar and the thoracic hotspace. Since a lot of life energy (prana) is stored in the navelchakra, this chakra is of importance for the entire organism. In particular, his energy affects stomach, small intestine and liver. But also spleen and gallbladder are supplied with energy from this chakra. In addition to the abdominal organs, it influences the digestive process as well as the vegetative nervous system. An important role plays the energetic connection to the pancreas that produces digestive enzymes and vital insulin.

Central topics

Manipura Chakra represents all aspects related to forming a healthy personality and assertiveness. From the navelchakra springs the power of feelings. People with a strong navel chakra are aware of their identity and individuality. The fire element gives them a high level of energy and liveliness. This energy is needed to develop a self-conscious I to realize its goals and actively participate the world.

4. The Herzchakra (Anahata Chakra)

  • compassion
  • humanity
  • affection
  • security
  • openness
  • tolerance
  • Heart quality


IM Sanskrit becomes the heart chakra as Anahata chakraDesignated - Anahata means "not struck" or "undamaged". This suggests that we are salvaged in our spiritual heart center and free of blemish.

Location and physical influence

The Herzchakra is located at the level of anatomical heart, but it is not moved to the left, but is located in the middle of the chest. The energy of the cardiac chakras affects the whole chest, on heart, lungs and circulation. Also the skin, the blood and hands, arms and the upper back portion are in the influence of the heart chakra. The glandular function of the TYHMUS gland, which plays an important role within the immune defense, also related to the activity of this chakras.

Central topics

In Chakra teaching, the Herzchakra is considered the center of universal, overperse love. From the heart chakra, the forces that connect to people with his fellow human beings. True compassion, which is in the fact that you and the deep understanding of the other are emotional skills that show that awareness has already achieved a high level of development. People with a strong cardiac chakra overcome egoist interests and thus exceed their limitations. In contrast to personal love, which extends only to their own partner, the closest friends or family members, the overperseous love opens each one.

5. The Halsh Acra (Vishuddha Chakra)

  • communication
  • Knowledge awareness
  • inspiration
  • truth
  • mental force
  • synthesis
  • creativity
  • Musicality


The Halschakra is called in Sanskrit Vishuddha Chakra; Vishuddhi means "Reiningen". The word and truth awareness. The represented at this level is purifying effect on consciousness and creates internal clarity.

Location and physical influence

The Vishuddha chakra is located in the area of ​​the cervical spine, about at the height of the larynx. His energy affects neck, pine, larynx, food and trachea. The breathing and the sound of the voice also hang together with the function of the shroud. Furthermore, cervical spine, pine, neck, shoulders and hearing are supplied by the energy of this chakras. Thyroid and side thyroid gland can only work harmoniously if the energy can flow freely in the neckline.

Central topics

In the chakra teaching, the Halshakra is considered the center of the sound. It is the chakra, which is responsible for language and communication. The conscious handling of words, the attempt to stay completely and at all of the truth, and self-printing are the development tasks related to the Halshmra. The Halschakra also forms an important link, because it connects the heart center with the forehead chakra and thus makes a healthy balance between feeling and thinking.

6.  The Stirnchakra (Ajna Chakra)

  • Intuition
  • wisdom
  • Understanding
  • perception
  • Imagination
  • Self-knowledge


The Headchakra is the spiritual center of knowledge and intuition. In Sanskrit it is called Ajna Chakra - Ajna means "knowledge" or "perceive". Higher knowledge can only be obtained by exceeding the duality. Pingala and Ida run together in the Stirnchakra. Due to the meditation on this chakra, thinking can be freed from the duality.

Location and physical influence

The forehead chakra is located in the middle of the forehead, between the eyebrows and a little above the nasal root. On the physical level, the range of effects of this chakras extends mainly to the small brain and the sensory organs: eyes, ears and nose.

But also the facial area and sinuses as well as the hormone and nervous system are influenced by the Anja Chakra. The function of the pituitary gland (pituitary gland) is in the immediate relation to the activity of the headchakras.

Central topics

The person can connect to the spiritual worlds about the Fondchakra. The Ajna Chakra establishes the contact of intuition, and it enables us to realize higher realities and exceeding everyday awareness. Indicable perceptions such as clairvoyance or mind reading only happen over the third eye. The task associated with the development of the forest chakras is self-knowledge - the recognition of the higher self, which is not identical to the extensive concept of the ego, but far beyond. Meditations concentrating on the Ajna chakra often lead to light experiences. These experiences are signs that the inner light, the inner realization, lights up.

7.  The Crown Chakra (Sahasrara Chakra)

  • spirituality
  • Experience of spiritual worlds
  • Godliness
  • Enlightenment
  • Self-realization
  • religiousness
  • Connection with the cosmos


The crown chakra is called Sahasrara Chakra in India; Sahasrara means "thousand", "a thousand" or "thousand times"

Location and physical influence

The crown chakra is located in the field of skull, at the vertex of the head. However, this highest Chakra exceeds the outer boundaries of man and goes directly into the aura, which is why some chakra experts believe that the Sahasrara Chakra is quite out of the body. Its activity in any case influences the middle brain and the entire organism. In addition, it also affects the function of epiphysis (pineal gland).

Central topics

The main topics of the crown chakra are spirituality, self-realization and enlightenment. At the stage of development represented by the highest chakra, it is about becoming aware of its divine origin and to gain deep peace. Through the awareness of the qualities of the Scheitelzentrum, the experiences of one-be and salvation will be possible. The development of this center leads the personless to the highest maturity and transforms them into the "big soul" (Sanskrit: Mahatma). The crown chakra can not be awakened as long as not all other chakras form a stable basis for it.