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Bergkristall Rohstein - AA Qualität | IDE - InselDerEnergie
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Rock Crystal Rough Stone - AA Quality
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High Vibration - Armband Bergkristall | IDE - InselDerEnergie
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High Vibration - Rock Crystal Bracelet
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Bergkristall Spitzen - AA Qualität | IDE - InselDerEnergie
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Rock Crystal Tips - AA Quality
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Meditationsstein Bergkristall - AA Qualität | IDE - InselDerEnergie
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Meditation Stone, Rock Crystal - AA Quality
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White Heart - Bergkristall Lederkette | IDE - InselDerEnergie
White Heart - Rock Crystal Leather Necklace
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IDE | Faceroller - Bergkristall | IDE - InselDerEnergie
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IDE | Faceroller - Rock Crystal
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Mountain crystal


Here you will find all the information about the Heilstein Bergkristall, one of the most common minerals on earth.


  1. Mountain crystal effect: What does the mountain crystal do?
  2. Mountain crystal for zodiac signs: What forces does a mountain crystal have?
  3. Meditate with mountain crystal: work with chakras and affirmations
  4. Use mountain crystal: as a chain, drumstone or flatterer
  5. Care instructions: This is how the mountain crystal healing stone remains energetic
  6. Combine the mountain crystal with other gemstones optimally
  7. The history of the mountain crystal
  8. Mountain crystal: determine authenticity and recognize counterfeits
  9. Berg crystal: its chemical composition
  10. Occurrence and origin of the Bergkristall gem
  11. Buy mountain crystal: as raw stone, drumstone, obelisk and talisman


1. Mountain crystal effect: What does the mountain crystal do?


Bergkristall is the clearest of all quarters and the basic form of many other quartz types such as rose quartz, citrin, amethyst or smoke quartz. The mountain crystal is one of the most important healing stones in the world and occurs very often in nature. This does not reduce its enormous powers that act on humans, animals and, above all, other gemstones. Because the mountain crystal is on the one hand an amplifier of energies; For this reason, it can be optimally combined with other noble and healing stones, as it boosts the effects of amethyst, rose quartz and Co. On the other hand, the mountain crystal has individual powers and energies with which it acts on the body and spirit of its wearers:


• Mountain crystal provides clarity and order

• harmonizes the restless spirit

• has a calming and regulating effect

• solves blockages

• Mountain crystal gives mental strength

• Increases self -perception


The mountain crystal loosens a lot in us, which is slumbering there and affects our daily life subtly and often unconsciously. He also regulates the extreme: promotes suppressed aspects of our personality and alleviates exaggerated parts of the ego. This leads to more clarity and balance in many areas of life.


Copy other healing stones with mountain crystal


In addition to its effect on humans, the mountain crystal is considered a battery for several other healing stones. He occupies a special position, but why is that? In its raw shape, the mountain crystal is a neutral gemstone and has reinforcing properties, which is why it is suitable for "charging" other healing stones. Since mountain crystal is a quartz, negative energies are derived over the tip. Bergkristall prepares stones optimally for energy work. Bergkristall also deletes the energetic memory of other healing stones and neutralizes it for the next use. In addition to the reinforcing property of the mountain crystal, this makes him the perfect healing stone charging station.


In order to charge other minerals and gems by means of a mountain crystal, they must either be placed in the immediate vicinity of a large mountain crystal raw stone or in a bowl with mountain crystal drum stones-preferably overnight, so that the mountain crystal neutralize all adhering energies and the individual properties of the healing stones can reinforce.


2. Mountain crystal for zodiac signs: What forces does a mountain crystal have?


Berg crystal is the birthstone of the Capricorn (December 22nd - 20.01.) And the lion (July 23rd - 23.08.) And is considered an amplifier of the positive properties of these zodiac signs. In this way, the mountain crystal can strengthen ambition at ibex and advance professional and school success. The clear crystal promotes the serenity and calm of the ibex and strengthens it with more stamina in all facets of everyday life.


In the zodiac sign of the lion, the mountain crystal benefit from a healthy self -confidence, steadfast courage and lots of charm. In addition, the natural optimism of the lions is reinforced by mountain crystal, so that problems and challenges in everyday life are not an obstacle to the prudent lion.


3. Meditate with mountain crystal: work with chakras and affirmations


Berg crystal is ideal for intensive meditations, since meditators benefit greatly from the reinforcing properties. As part of meditation, Bergkristall, especially in its purest and clearest form, provides intellectual clarity and pure intentions. The consideration of a mountain crystal alone increases its effect on our minds. But the energies also work with closed eyes and deep trance.


Berg crystal-affirmations:


In order to reinforce the clarifying healing effect of Bergkristall, supportive affirmations can be spoken in spirit or loud:


"My intentions are pure and found only in love"

"I see my living conditions in the purest clarity. The solution to my problem seems to me also "

"I am very calm and relaxed. Negative energies simply crash on me "


Mountain crystal and chakra


Since mountain crystal is a universal stone, it affects all seven chakras. Nevertheless, it is particularly assigned to the crown chakra (Sahasrara-Chakra). It is the top chakra and lies on the part of the head, "floating" a finger width over the head. The crown chakra is also seen as the strongest connection with the universe or everything. Here are the functions of the pineal gland and the expanded potential of our brain, which we do not fully use in the current stage of development. However, since this potential for the use of this brain area is available, mountain crystal can increase a spiritual connection with creation and expand our awareness in chakRameditation.


4. Use the mountain crystal: as a chain, drumstone or flatterer


Regardless of meditations and energy work, Bergkristal releases its healing effect on the human body and the psyche. The quartz has already been worn by several generations in front of us as a jewelry stone. The crystal as a talisman and protective stone should wake up and ward off negative energies. The mountain crystal works optimally as a chain when it is worn near the heart chakra, which is located in the middle of the chest at the level of the heart.


Those who are reluctant to wear jewelry can take advantage of the positive properties of Bergkristall. So -called flatterers and drum stones made of mountain crystal develop their energies as reliably as worn pieces of jewelry. Berg crystal tips, obelisk, mystery angels and balls produce the reinforcing and positive properties of the clear quartz. In our shop you will find many mountain crystal variants. Let yourself be guided by your intuition. If you wear mountain crystal as a piece of jewelry every day, you should definitely think about cleaning it regularly. This helps to extinguish negative energies, which he has (absorbed) from the "crystal memory". Which in turn ensures the optimal protective effect of the healing stone.


5. Care instructions: This is how the mountain crystal healing stone remains energetic


Berg crystal is generally considered robust and is a little sensitive mineral. But a stone as powerful and reinforcing as the mountain crystal needs regular care so that you benefit from its positive effects sustainably. The crystal is best cleaned under running water and then completely unloaded near an amethyst that has the opposite effect of Bergkristal. Then the crystal is charged in direct sunlight so that it can pursue his mystical work with fresh, neutralized energy.


6. Combine the mountain crystal with other gemstones optimally


Since mountain crystal has an increasing effect on all other noble and healing stones, it can be combined without hesitation. A popular base mix consists of rose quartz, amethyst and mountain crystal. However, the mountain crystal is often combined with other quartz forms such as citrine or smoke quartz to increase the effect of the stones. In general, gemstones can be optimally combined without much specialist knowledge. Because the same and immediately. Healing stones and minerals can be combined according to color, element, crystal structure and properties. So the following applies to the mountain crystal: connect it with other quartz types or healing stones of the element of water, such as aquamarine, chalcedon, lapislazuli, dumortierit, sapphire and Co. In general, when combining the mountain crystal with other minerals and healing stones Make false combinations. The mountain crystal is well tolerated with all types of stone.


7. The history of the mountain crystal


Even the ancient Romans believed in the strong healing effect of Bergkristall. In her faith, the seat and origin of the gods lay for loyalty, courage and wisdom. Followers of Buddhism have always used the effect of mountain crystal to build higher spiritual compounds and to it, Indians have already born their newborn mountain crystal. Not to be forgotten are the legendary clairvoyant and witches who, using crystal balls from Bergkristall, knew how to decrypt the secrets of the future. Mountain crystal has always been used in the form of jewelry, polished stones or in its purest raw shape as a talisman and healing stone.


8. Mountain crystal: determine authenticity and recognize counterfeits


Bergkristall is a mineral that occurs in nature. But above all clear mountain crystal is expensive and therefore often victims of counterfeits. Since crystal -clear mountain crystal looks like glass, this material is used for counterfeits - in addition to epoxy resins. It is almost impossible for laypersons to distinguish mountain crystal from glass. Bergkristall has a hardness of 7 on the MohenShärskala (10, diamond, is the highest), which is considered hard. On the other hand, glass comes with a moh hardness of 6, is softer as a real mountain crystal. Using level 6 by means of the moh hardet tester, it can be found quickly whether the stone is a real mountain crystal or glass. The test pencil 6 should not leave a scratch at Bergkristall.


9. Berg crystal: its chemical composition


Berg crystal belongs to the quartze family and largely consists of silicon. Bergkristall is the second most common mineral in the earth after field spades. It is assigned to the trigonal crystal system because it has a threesome axis of rotation.


Other names for Bergkristall: α-quartz, low quartz


Chemical formula: Sio2


Mineral class: Oxide with metal: oxygen = 1: 2 (and comparable)-with small cations: silica family

Crystal system: trigonal


Moh hardness: 7


10. Occurrence and origin of Bergkristall


Berg crystal is considered frequent, so the natural treasure can be found in many parts of the earth. The main finding countries of the crystal -clear healing stone are Brazil, USA, Madagascar, India, Russia and Mexico. If you want to search for mountain crystals yourself, you don't have to travel around the world, but will find what you are looking for in the local Alps in Austria. In Germany there are also places where it can be briefed and hammered legally to Bergkristall: in the Rüdersdorf limestone work near Berlin, the Clara pit near Wolfach in the Black Forest or on Gemsteinstrasse around Idar-Oberstein.


11. Buy mountain crystal: as raw stone, drumstone, obelisk and talisman


The prices for mountain crystal are very different, depending on the clarity and size of the stones. Crystal -clear mountain crystals with little or no inclusions are most expensive. For Trüber Berg crystals, which there are no losses in their energetic effect, you don't have to dig into your pocket as deeply. Here in our shop you will find high -quality mountain crystals in all shapes and appearances. Processed and sanded as a piece of jewelry, the mountain crystal makes optimal as a daily companion and talisman against negative energies. Hand flatterers and drum stones support meditation and chakra work; As a Gua-Sha-Stein, Bergkristall also ensures a fresh complexion and cooling facial massages. Obeliske and raw stones not only clean your mind, but the direct environment.