Angelite Gemstones


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Blue Angel - Angelit Armband | IDE - InselDerEnergie
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Blue Angel - Angelite Bracelet
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Angelit Rohstein - AA Qualität | IDE - InselDerEnergie
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Angelite Rough Stone - AA Quality
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What is a Angelit crystal?


Color: Gray blue, light blue, turquoise blue

Chemical composition: Caso4+ FE, SR, CA, MG, S, K

geology: Angelit, also called anhydrite, consists of calcium sulfate, which depending on which minerals are also included (sulfur,

Iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium), has a white blue to sky blue color.

hardness: 3-4. 

Find areas: Mexico, Peru, Chile


Healing effects on the body:

Angelite improves kidney functions in kidney dysfunction and poor kidney and is well suited for the treatment of kidney or kidney filter inflammation, kidney pelvis, kidney cancer and Wilms tumor in childhood. Since Angelit does not intervene in the salt balance of the organism despite its water -driving properties, the healest is ideal for rinse through urinary tract infections and kidney. Angelit relieves water retention and swelling in the tissue (omeme), helps to regulate the fluid balance in the vessels, cleans and detoxifier and is also considered a good healing stone for varicose veins, venous weakness, lipedema and sponsoring. In traditional medicine, Angelit is also used to treat substances, purulent wounds, difficult to heal wounds and abscesses of all kinds. This applies above all to sinus distortions,
Tooth impairs, purulent eyes, mucous membranes, middle ear dilation, purulent larynx, larynx, throat, almond, bronchial and frontal sinuses, including the typical side effects such as neckaches, swallowing difficulties and hoarseness.


Chakra: 5 .Chakra (neck or throat chakra, Vishudda-chakra)


How do I get Angelit (Anhydrit) and how do I care for it?

Angelit (Anhydrit) is available as jewelry and in numerous forms for healing stone science. Anhydrit should be cleaned and discharged regularly in a bowl with hematite drum stones. After unloading, the healing stone should be charged in a mountain crystal group or in a bowl with mountain crystal drum stones.