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Calculate life number: this important message is behind your fate number

Oct 11, 2022Julia Hennes

Psychological numerology can help us live a more fulfilling life. Already Pythagoras knew about the mystical meaning of numbers. Here you can find out what meaning your life number holds for your life path.

How you can calculate your life number, we have in this detailed numerology article already explained. Now it's time for the interpretation of your number, which is somewhere between 1 and 9.

Life number 1: Independence

You're comfortable in a competitive environment, even though you're often distracted by the criticism in your head that whispers incessantly in your ear, "You're not good enough." Practice accepting that voice, but then also letting it go. Ones are very independent and don't like to rely on others.

Life number 1: Positive qualities

  • independent
  • determined
  • ambitious
  • energetic

Your creativity and willpower strongly distinguish you from others. You are dynamic and intellectual, which helps you in daily tasks and in dealing with people. Ones are brave enough to take risks and fight their own way to success, even if they sometimes lose their minds and become aggressive and domineering. They place a high value on success, struggle, and self-dependence. Ones often find themselves in leadership positions where they are the sole decision maker.

Life number 1: Negative characteristics

  • proud
  • selfish
  • stubborn

The other side of the coin is egoistic, aggressive and selfish behavior towards others, when the achievement of goals takes longer than planned. Also, too much zeal does not necessarily lead to success.

These gemstones match the life number 1

  • Malachite
  • Jasper

Life number 2: Harmony

Life number 2 loves to be in company and is a loyal and faithful friend. Other people are important to your life and you cultivate close friendships with great devotion. People with life number 2 like to stand by others as advisors.

Life number 2: Positive qualities

  • empathic
  • considerate
  • sacrificial

Twos are born helpers. Thanks to their sensitivity, they can settle disputes and recognize the secret messages that life keeps sending them. The life number 2 is only satisfied when everyone around them is satisfied. That this is also the other side of the coin should be clear.

Life number 2: Negative characteristics

  • help up to the submissiveness
  • help uninvited
  • isolation

People with life number 2 are unconditional lovers, mothers, fathers and friend:ins. But when they find that their loyalty and faithfulness are not duly recognized, they tend to isolate themselves to lick their wounds in silence. Then, twos often become aware that they prefer to live for others rather than take care of their own needs and problems.

These gemstones match the life number 2

  • Carnelian
  • Labradorite

Life number 3: creativity

The inventors among us humans often walk this earth under the life number 3. They are highly creative and creative, while also social and very communicative.

Life number 3: Positive qualities

  • cheerful
  • calm
  • creative
  • inventive

Like scientists, people with the fate number 3 are in constant exchange with other people. To communicate and to talk shop about (several) projects and theses makes them happy. People with the life number 3 often have striking gestures and facial expressions and remain in the memory of many people.

Life number 3: Negative characteristics

  • Vanity
  • Impatience
  • Inconsistent
  • Unrealistic

People with life number 3 often want to please others, in which they can lose themselves and their authentic selves. In their beloved exchanges with others, Threes can also seem opinionated and tend to isolate themselves, like the infamous "mad professor."

These gems go with the life number 3

  • Citrine
  • Amazonite

Life number 4: Reliability

Give the four a task and it will be done with absolute reliability! This life number is very productive and stick to established patterns and processes. This can become the downside of this number.

Life number 4: Positive qualities

  • Organized
  • Reasonable
  • Energetic
  • Orderly
  • Reliable

Fours want to live sincerity at all costs. A strong sense of justice is as much a part of the character traits of the Four as a single-minded pragmatism. The fated number 4 can develop in people a deep urge to accumulate wealth and play an important role in society.

Life number 4: negative qualities

  • Stubborn
  • Timid
  • Esistence fears
  • Rigid

People with life number 4 can be considered over-correct, as they don't like to deviate from their schemes and expect the same clarity and loyalty from those around them, which is why they can come across as intolerant. At the same time, it is difficult to talk to Fours about the fact that there are other ways than "the one of the four".

These gems match the life number 4

  • Aventurine
  • Jade

Life number 5: Freedom

People with life number 5 are charming, funny and love freedom more than anything. They have numerous abilities and can become quite uncomfortable when they feel constricted.

Life number 5: Positive qualities

  • curious
  • spirited
  • adventurous
  • provocative
  • striking

Diverse interests and goals are part of a happy life of the life number 5. They have a free mind and are masters of language and communication. With fives you can well "steal horses", because they are always ready for the next adventure or the next outrage - the main thing is that it is never boring.

Life number 5: Negative qualities

  • Unreliable
  • Self-righteous
  • Inhibited

In stressful situations, the inner insecurity of the Fives becomes particularly clear. Then they go into retreat and block. The shadow sides of Fives can also be stubbornness, inflexibility and self-righteousness. With the love for freedom also comes a certain tendency to fear commitment - one does not really want to commit oneself as a Fiver. This sometimes makes them seem unpredictable and unreliable to others.

These gemstones go with the life number 5

  • Calcedon
  • Turquoise

Life number 6: Family

People with the fated number 6 are loving heads of families and/or can be found at the top of associations or communities. Thanks to their ability to settle disputes and advocates of harmony, society greatly enjoys the presence of Sixes.

Life number 6: positive qualities

  • Responsible
  • Faithful
  • Reliable
  • Helpful

The life number 6 expresses itself in an urge for family and community. People born under this number long for harmony and beauty. They are very social members of our society; often found in charitable associations or on the works council. Sixes maintain and determine the ethical values of a family and protect them to the utmost. In interpersonal relationships, Sixes show themselves to be always reliable; one could set the clock by them.

Life number 6: Negative qualities

  • Perfectionism
  • Insecurity
  • Self-satisfied

People who are such a pillar in the family and society can develop anxiety, especially in the area of change. "Stop! Everything remains as it is!" - true to this quote, Sixes insist on traditions, and when these are not (can not) be followed, it makes them deeply unhappy. In addition, it can seem to others as if the Sixer wants to formally impose his or her help, whereas he or she would be well advised to let people try out their independence. Even if they make mistakes in the process.

These gemstones match the life number 6

  • Sodalite
  • Gold topaz

Life number 7: Profound

People with the fate number 7 are spiritual beings with an urge to explore and, above all, understand all the mysteries of life (and death). This contrasts with their urge for evidence. On the other hand, sevens can come across as opinionated and know-it-all.

Life number 7: Positive qualities

  • Compassionate
  • Philosophical
  • Mystical
  • Religious

The sevens among us are highly sensitive people who have an intimate inner dialogue with themselves throughout their lives. As a result, they often appear dreamy and passive, almost isolated and withdrawn. Sevens are preoccupied with the meaning of life, have extraordinary minds, and are highly reflective.

Life number 7: Negative characteristics

  • Hypersensitive
  • Isolated
  • Resigned
  • Doubting

Often people with the life number 7 have the feeling of not being understood by others. At the same time, they tend not to accept the lifestyles of others, that is, to be intolerant of other lifestyles, especially if they seem superficial. Due to the urge for isolation, Sevens often appear arrogant and sometimes condescending.

These gemstones match the life number 7

  • Amethyst
  • Tanzanite

Life number 8: Self-development

Eights are the Rich Bitches among us humans - at least, the accumulation of wealth is one of the primary goals of these incredibly strong-willed beings. However, they can become unpredictable and haughty in the process.

Life number 8: Positive qualities

  • Strong in leadership
  • Strong-willed
  • Generous
  • Creative

Eights have a very good intuition. They are charismatic and empathetic and a true source of inspiration for others. People with life number 8 are pioneers and love progress and change. At the same time, Eights are strongly plagued by extremes. Black or white, good or evil - there is nothing in between for Eights. In their jobs, they want to be the best and make as much profit as possible. That's why they are often found in leadership positions.

Life number 8: Negative characteristics

  • Unpredictable
  • Intolerant
  • Gloating
  • Hard
  • Haughty

If one suppresses the Eight or constricts it, it becomes most uncomfortable. Then they will fight for freedom regardless of losses, even if this causes injuries in the relationship. Generally Eights are belligerent and do not hide the fact that they think they are better than others (which is only to cover up their inner insecurity).

These gemstones match the life number 8

  • Tiger Eye
  • Black tourmaline

Life number 9: Empathy

People with the destiny number 9 are down-to-earth, unselfish and very tolerant. They are responsible in dealing with their fellow human beings, but sometimes forget that people cannot live on light and love.

Life number 9: Positive qualities

  • Idealistic
  • Responsible
  • Selfless
  • Analytical
  • Dutiful

Nines are very loving and compassionate people. They are considered helpful and generous, and are a real magnet for people seeking advice, as Nines generally act selflessly and unconditionally. Even though Nines sometimes give the impression of living in their own idealistic dream world, they are considered keen observers and can empathize with other people's traits thanks to their mature empathy.

Life number 9: Negative characteristics

  • Arrogant
  • Unrealistic ideas
  • Vanity
  • Indifference

The Niner wants to live out and enforce their idealism at all costs, no matter how far removed from reality it may be. People with the life number 9 can sometimes forget or overlook the material needs of others, then they are considered arrogant and unworldly. In addition, Nines do not like to commit themselves; they can feel deep love for more than one person and must then be able to live out this love.

These gemstones match the life number 9

  • Sugilite

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