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Angel numbers: These messages are behind them

Oct 18, 2022Julia Hennes

Number combinations appear to us in daily life again and again. Especially times, addresses, license plates or the amount in the supermarket at the checkout: Sometimes a combination of numbers immediately stings our eyes - and that for several days! Then you should absolutely listen to your intuition, because it could be an important message of the universe for you. Because similar to the Fate number (also life number) can be so-called Angel numbers according to Numerology hold important information for you for your current life path on this earth.

Angel numbers: Is there really an angel behind them?

I remember exactly when a year ago I began to constantly see the 11:11 on the clock. For several weeks, this striking combination of numbers accompanied me, becoming more and more obtrusive over time as it appeared at the supermarket checkout or on other occasions. With the onset of my pregnancy, the appearance of 11:11 abruptly ceased! Exciting, because the 11 stands in numerology for a favorable time for new beginnings and new stages of life. If a pregnancy doesn't fit in there, what does? I found this mystical story and the abrupt end of the 11:11 in my life fascinating, when I had actually arrived in my new stage of life.

In fact, the 11:11 or also the 15:51 is strictly speaking about Twin numbersnot angel numbers. Nevertheless, these number combinations are very similar, because they run across our path, do not let us go until we research their meaning on the net and accept the message. Message, yes, from whom at all?

Call the sender of the messages angels, Higher Self, spirit guides, universe, God or whatever you like. Personally, I find the idea of an entity watching over us, sometimes providing us with fascinating clues to the right path in life nudges us along the right path in life, is most appealing. Others can't get comfortable with the idea of angels and fairy beings and speak of messages from the subconscious or Higher Self, our own higher self that is somehow connected and interwoven with everything in spirituality. The ancient soul within us, so to speak.

Angel Numbers: How to interpret them correctly

What we mean by angel numbers are Combinations of numbers consisting of three digitsfor example 111, 222, 888, etc. If you see an angel number again and again, even in the most impossible situations, for example 8.88 euros at the cash register or recurring license plates, you should take a closer look at the meaning of this angel number. Maybe there is a helpful message behind it?

  • 000: Potential & Possibilities
  • 111: New Beginning & Renewal
  • 222: On the right track
  • 333: Letting go
  • 444: Help approaches
  • 555: Change
  • 666: Reflection
  • 777: Happiness
  • 888: New phase of life
  • 999: Graduation

This means the 000

The close number 000 indicates that you have completed your possibilities and perceive them. The circle (of a thing, a project or a relationship) has closed and now it is time to allow new potentials.

The angel number 111 and its meaning

The 111 ties in with possibilities and potentials, so don't be surprised if you see both angelic numbers in quick succession. Because the 111 wants to encourage you to finally reach the new beginningThe 111 encourages you to dare the new project, the new job or the new relationship. The 111 encourages you to finally put your innermost wishes and dreams into practice. You just have to recognize them.

This is what the 222 wants to tell you

You have recognized your possibilities, are in the middle of realizing them and noticeably often discover the number combination 222 in your everyday life? That's great, because the angels, the universe or your higher self certify to you in this way once again that you are definitely on the right path with your plans. Now it's time to squeeze your buttocks together and go for it! Your efforts will certainly be rewarded.

The angel number 333 and its meaning

Are you doubting yourself or your current path in life? The 333 wants give courage and tell you: Trust in yourself, just let go (of your doubts). It also means that you should give free rein to your feelings.

Special feature of the 333If you expect the universe to answer a question, you can interpret the 333 as a "yes".

444: this is what it tells you

The special feature of the 444: The answer to a question you ask yourself is "No"! But that's no reason to worry. Because the 444 also means that Help on the way and you will soon recognize the right way for your project. Your prayers will be answered, just trust in it!

555: this is how you interpret the angel number

The 555 could send shivers down your spine with its appearance. Why? Because your guardian angel or a well-meaning entity is very close to you right now. The 555 is a sign of the highest spirituality and indicates that you are at this moment a life changing situation through. You need not be afraid.

666: Her reputation precedes her

Don't worry about this combination of numbers! The 666 does not mean that something bad, devilish is in the offing. Nevertheless, the 666 is a warning: Are you stuck in fixed thought patterns that put a veil over reality and thus slow you down? Think about it for a moment and take the 666 as a chance to change your to change your views and behavior patterns.

777 and its meaning

A beautiful number, the 777. Intuitively, many people already interpret this angelic number correctly: it stands for luck. Whether this is because this number is associated with prosperity, especially through one-armed bandits in the casinos of Las Vegas? Who knows! In any case, the appearance of the 777 wants to tell you: your efforts will finally be rewarded. Sit back and enjoy your luck for a moment.

888: This is what the angel number means

Something new is coming! The 888 tells you quite clearly that a new phase of life or a phase of life can be finished soon. You can also interpret this angel number as an encouragement to dare an important, final step in your life.

999 and its meaning

Similar to its predecessor, 999 stands for nine beginnings, especially for graduations. This angel number closes the cycle you may have taken at 000. Take the end with confidence and always remember: life is like a pendulum swing - it never stands still.

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