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8 healing stones against fears: calm through life

Sep 20, 2022Julia Hennes

Fear is a natural feeling that not only humans but also animals can feel and is actually our survival survival here on earth. But from the natural primal fearwhich, thanks to the "fight-or-flight" reaction, has always made our continued existence possible, has long since developed into a stressful permanent condition for many people. In this article you will learn how you can use the power of the healing stones against fearsYou will learn how to deal with social phobias, panic attacks, exam nerves and fear of loss.

"Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live."

Dorothy Thompson

The writer and journalist Dorothy Thompson hits the nail on the head with her quote about fear. Because our everyday fears are often not life-threatening. Things were different when humans were still in their infancy, living in caves and having to fear natural enemies in order to survive. But instead of a saber-toothed tiger today it is final exams, job interviews and arguments with our loved ones that can frighten and scare us. And even if these situations are not directly life-threatening for us - they can at least feel existentially threatening.

After all, what follows if you flunk the hated exam at university three times seems to ruin your entire personal future in the first moment. These are the kinds of fears that Westerners grapple with these days, and thanks to social networks, a global pandemic, and excessive worldwide coverage of disasters and attacks, we come face to face with them on an almost daily basis. Fear almost daily. Below we present the 8 most important healing stones against fears.

Healing stones against social anxiety

Social fears (or social phobias) are very stressful for those affected and can be very limiting in everyday life. Whether important presentations in front of the boss or colleagues, lectures in front of an audience or banal situations like concerts or train rides can become an ordeal full of fears. The body then switches to "survive" because it feels a threat, such as fear of rejection or high pressure to perform. If the fear of meeting people occurs regularly, it is called a social phobia. In this case, those affected should consult a doctor and seek appropriate treatment. For short-term social fears, such as stage fright or claustrophobia at mass events, certain gemstones and healing stones provide more security, self-confidence and well-being.


Tourmaline (Schorl)


Sugilite against claustrophobia

Claustrophobia can be grueling. People with this anxiety disorder feel not only in elevators or crowds uncomfortable. Their body performs a violent flight reaction to escape the seemingly life-threatening situation. Concerts, traveling by public transport, narrow spaces and other situations with many people can thus become an absolute no-go. The Sugilith is said to be able to work wonders exactly here. Worn as a talisman on the body or as a drum stone in the pocket, it supports people with social anxiety. It is said that sugilite gives the strength to bear even heavy things. Explicitly with claustrophobia Sugilite is a must-have for sufferers who want to go through life self-determined again.

Trumalin (Schörl) for more self-confidence

For mild panic and Fear of crowds and confined spaces can Turmainalso called Schörl, can help well. Because this healing stone strengthens self-confidence and thus your mantra "I am fearless", which you can encourage yourself before scary situations. Supporting the tourmaline acts as a strong protective stone and helps very well with stress and in stressful situations.

Agate for inner stability

Agate is considered the Healers of inner stability and balance. Thanks to its ability to open us insights into deep-rooted problems, the the background of many fears and phobias. can be better illuminated and the core of the fear can be worked on. This also helps to overcome sicial fears, but you should not bring possible traumas to the surface alone, but seek professional help, such as a therapist or experienced trauma coach.

Healing stones against fears: exam anxiety

Also Exam fears are a real threat to our well-being, while there is no life-threatening situation behind this widespread fear. Even if it sometimes feels like it, because after all, most of the exams we have to take during our school career or professional career are about our future. So it's no wonder that something this big can seem daunting. But there are also energetic healing stones against fears for exams, which bring more relaxation into the matter as a talisman or piece of jewelry.

Fluorite for learning difficulties

Rhodonite for mental control

Moss agate for self-confidence

Fluorite for learning difficulties

Test anxiety can arise from a lack of self-confidence - what helps better than an optimal preparation for the test or exam? Of course, exam anxiety also occurs where weeks or even months have been spent cramming for "Day X". But a healing stone helps here especially before the oral or written exam: Fluorite. This mineral is said to have a positive effect on concentration and is the first choice for learning difficulties. Because fluorite is also to increase the receptivity and provide a clear mind. Optimal conditions, therefore, for a learning phase full of self-confidence.

Rhodonite for mental control

If you tend to "see red" before exams, the color-matching rhodonite is probably your talisman against exam anxiety. Because the rose-colored healing stone has always been one of the most popular stones against mental blockades. Rhodonite is supposed to take away panic and steers us in a solution-oriented direction instead of surrendering to fear. Mental control, even in states of emergency - this is what rhodonite stands for and is therefore ideal as a protective stone for exam anxiety.

Moss agate for self-confidence

Also the Moss Agate may be included in the list of Healing stones against exam anxiety not be missing. Because the beautiful stone with the interesting pattern is said to have wonderful powers that strengthen the well-being and give us more self-confidence - both attributes that we can use in exam situations more than well. Another advantage of moss agate for exam anxiety is its ability to help us recover quickly after intense exertion, such as an exam situation under anxiety.

Healing stones against fear of loss

Fear of loss is grueling. Those affected regularly feel sheer panic rising when it comes to loved ones or animals. Be it Fear of loss by death or separation - this all-embracing anxiety disorder can be well accompanied by an experienced therapist and a few healing stones against fears in the pocket.

Rose quartz for calming

Amethyst against panic

Rose quartz for calming

No healing stone lulls us as beautifully as the Rose Quartz. With its ability to give love and bring it out from the farthest corner of our heart, rose quartz is a healing stone for anxiety, giving stability and security. Just before the Panic with fear of loss boils up and can stretch its fangs fully after us, rose quartz soothes the mind of sufferers and gives them support and the ability to think rationally.

Amethyst against panic

As a healing stone the Amethyst as otherwise only parents can. It takes away our fears and panic and gently releases all superfluous thoughts, the merry-go-round of which can often lead to a stressful panic attack. Instead, amethyst creates a clear mind and helps with fear of loss by rational thinking and gives deep inner peace by dissolving negative energies. The combination of amethyst and rose quartz is a must-have for people who suffer from fear of loss.

As the movie of the same name says: Fear has many faces. And the energies of the healing stones that the earth gave us millions of years ago have just as many manifestations. If you have a particularly good intuition, you will find against your very personal demons in well-stocked healing stone stores (have a look at our store) intuitively one or more gemstones that can counteract your fears and thus help you to a fuller, freer life. If you only allow it.

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