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Cleaning, discharging and recharging gemstones

Sep 12, 2022Julia Hennes

Gemstones, healing stones and minerals are wonderful daily companions. Thanks to the energetic vibration of Amethyst, Rock crystal, Rose quartz and Co. they affect our body and mind in the most different ways; absorb negative energies and protect us as a talisman from them. But exactly for this reason it is important to know the regularly clean the gemstones. Below you will learn which methods there are for gemstone cleaning, whether you should charge rock crystal, why amethyst, hematite and Co. have a cleansing effect on other healing stones and which stones and minerals you should not charge in sunlight.

Cleaning gemstones: Healing stones care with the power of nature

With the care of your gemstones there are two ways of cleaning: If you want to remove dirt and dust from the surface of the stones or you do an energetic cleaning of the gemstones and healing stones. In the latter case we talk about the unloading of gemstones and we will go into more detail in the next step. First of all, we will devote ourselves to the optical care of the stones.

Cleaning gemstones with water

Almost all gemstones can be cleaned under running water. Because gemstones, healing stones, minerals and gemstones are natural products, they should be cleaned of dust and dirt with equally natural means. Water is therefore the best choice for cleaning gemstones. However, the drinking water from our pipes often contains a lot of lime, which in no way impairs the cleaning of the healing stone, but in the long run dulls the surface of the gemstone under the lime load. Since gemstones should be cleaned at irregular intervals as needed, you can get from the cleaning of your healing stones for example, an outdoor event. Grab your gemstones and find small streams, mountain springs or other natural water sources where you can consciously and mindfully clean your gemstones of dust and dirt. To do this, take a stone and rub it between your hands under running water or in a water bath like soap.

Rock crystal points

What gemstones do not clean with water?

Some gemstones and healing stones should not come into contact with waterthat is, it is better not to clean them with water. In general, you can easily remember that gemstones of metallic origin are not cleaned with water. Because that would lead, even without much lime in the water, to the fact that the surface of the stone is strongly matted and no longer shines.

The mineral group of sulfides should not be cleaned with water:

  • Bornite
  • Chalcopyrite
  • Cinnabarite
  • Covelline
  • Galena
  • marcasite
  • Molybdenite
  • Pyrite
  • Pyrrhotine
  • Realgar
  • Sphalerite
  • Stibnite

Gemstones discharged

The first step is done and your healing stones are shining beautifully again thanks to the water bath? Then it can now go to the second step, the unloading your healing stones.

Why should gemstones be unloaded?

Maybe you have heard that everything is vibrating and in motion: the universe, the planets including the earth, we humans and every single cell of our body is vibrating. But even stones, especially gemstones and minerals, vibrate, are anything but dead solids. If we could watch a time-lapse video of the formation of crystals and minerals, we would be amazed at how alive rocks are. If you already work with healing stones and their energies, you are of course already aware of how alive stones are and how differently each of them vibrates. Energetically sensitive people feel the charge of gemstones even at the first touch and can then decide whether a cleansed healing stone needs to be cleaned or not.

Healing stones absorb energies and store them

Because in every gemstone, mineral or gemstone there are energies in the form of vibration: The own, natural vibration, which provides the healing effect and acts on our body, and foreign, stored vibration. It is not for nothing that healing stones have been processed as gemstones for thousands of years and given away as lucky charms. You may have heard that agate keeps the "evil eye" at bay and calcite keeps our fears at bay. But since everything persists in the form of energy, these lower frequencies are absorbed somewhere. According to esoteric beliefs, gemstones do this honorable job. They protect us from certain vibrations and absorb them. Exactly for this reason you must Clean gemstonesthat:

  • You new bought new
  • Long Not used were
  • To Meditate were used
  • At Body Be worn
  • Borrowed were

Through an energetic cleansing you make sure that the stone is free again as a "storage medium", about as if you were deleting and formatting a USB stick.

Unloading gemstones: this is how it works

To unload gemstones and restore their own vibration, there are different ways, all of which can be confusing. This is because different methods of discharging and recharging prevail for almost every stone. The good news in advance: With a superficial cleaning of your healing stones in the first step, you have already ensured that some stored energy is released has been released. The next step is the big discharge, which is especially suitable for stones from the list above.

Gemstones discharge with hematite

There are certain gemstones, amethyst, rock crystal and hematite, that are always mentioned when charging and discharging gemstones, but hardly anyone questions why these three stones hold a special place among the thousands of recognized minerals. Why is Hematite for unloading of gemstones? The explanation lies in the conductivity of hematite, which consists of 70 percent iron, and is therefore also called iron ore. The conductivity of hematite ensures rapid absorption of energies from other gemstones and healing stones, and thus rapid discharge of them.

Bowl with hematite chips for unloading
Discharge bowl with amethyst chips

Gemstones discharge with amethyst

A large amethyst druse not only makes quite a statement in the living room at home, but also cleanses other healing stones and minerals of stored energies. And, who would have thought it, this is due to the Conductivity of the amethyst due to its iron content. Did you know that the amethyst has its beautiful purple color due to iron ions? What's great is that amethyst thereby energetically cleanses itself, so it does a really good psychohygiene. This fact ensures that amethyst also discharges other healing stones and provides an outlet for their stored energy.

Amethyst druse with crystals

Purify gemstones with salt

Salt also has excellent conductivity and ensures that your healing stones, gemstones, minerals and gemstones can be quickly freed from stored energies. But caution is advised! Because you do not want to damage the surface of your stones, you should never bring the stones directly into contact with the reactive salt. Rather, a salt crystal lamp from Himalayan salt for cleaning your gemstones. The heat activates the salt crystals, which are released into the environment and can have a healing effect not only on the human body. Also your gemstones that you wear on the body or use for energetic work are optimally discharged and purified by means of salt lamp.

Purify gemstones with incense sticks

Another wonderful natural product for cleansing your healing stones is smoke from incense sticks or smudge sticks. This method is especially useful if you are cleansing many healing and gemstones at once and do not have a large amethyst druse or bowl of hematite nuggets available. However, since not every scent is considered pleasant, you should consult your intuition when choosing incense. Really good for unloading gemstones are white sage, mugwort or cedar. Also the so-called sacred wood, Palo Santo, from India is suitable to release negative energies, beliefs, affirmations and other stored vibrations from healing stones. Classic incense also serves its purpose in a smoky gemstone cleanse. Light your Incense according to the instructions and draw the smoke through your gemstone collection. You can also draw each individual stone through the smoke, this is a particularly intense ritual and will create a tight bond around you and your energetic companions.

Charge gems: Sun, moon and stars?

You've come a long way with caring for your gemstones; superficially and energetically ridding them of their baggage. The final step is to amplify the stones' inherent energy so that they can work on you and your loved ones with full power in your energy rituals. However, charging gemstones is often unnecessarily complicated. Some gemstones come into sunlight for recharging, with morning and evening sun bringing different energies into the stone. And just remember that some gemstones cannot tolerate sunlight! It is the same with the feminine energy of the moon: Increasing, decreasing, full or new? All phases of the moon affect your gemstones differently. And last but not least, there is the super charge stone aka rock crystal. Confused? You don't have to be. Because charging your minerals and gemstones should be simple and intuitive. We explain the different ways to charge your gemstones.

Charging gemstones in sunlight

This method is actually totally easy to remember. This is because a blazing midday sun is totally unsuitable for charging gemstones energetically. Much better suited is the gentler, still energetic sunlight in the morning or evening hours. And another "rule" you can remember well: Stones that are charged in the morning sunlight have a vitalizing and uplifting effect on the healing stone and thus on your spirit. In the morning sun you should therefore charge those gemstones that have an activating effect on the spirit. For example, calcite. Opposed to it are, for example, rose quartz or carnelian with a calming and comforting effect. These healing stones are best charged in the soft evening light, when nature itself already comes to rest and prepares for a restful and regenerative night.

What gemstones should not be in the sun?

But caution is advised: Rose quartz and amethyst are two gemstones whose splendid color in the strong fades in strong UV light. Especially here, only gentle sunlight in the morning or evening is needed. Apart from that, you don't have to charge an amethyst unless you feel like it. Then simply perform your ritual in the gentle and UV-free moonlight.

Charging Gemstones in Moonlight

Moonlight is considered especially good for gently charging gemstones with new energy and enhancing their effects. You don't have to have studied astrology to charge your gemstone collection in moonlight even if that sometimes gives the impression. Because there are really elaborate calculations to determine the planetary constellation in the night sky to bring different or "fine-tuned" energetic effects to your stones. If you enjoy this, you can look further into this subject on the net or in books and give your stones energetic fine tuning. If you simply want to expand your collection with the help of the Power of the Moon and thus strengthen their energetic effect, it is sufficient if you follow a few basic rules.

Charging gemstones during a full moon

Full moon light is the most substantial when you want to charge your healing stones and minerals with moonlight. This is because moonlight has a very strong intrinsic information that is transmitted to gemstones especially when the female planet is in its full position. By the way, it doesn't matter if there are clouds in the sky or not. The energetic vibration of the full moon is transmitted by your gemstones. outside or on the window sill in any case.

Charge gemstones at new moon

The new moon in the sky represents new beginnings. The energy of the new moon is therefore particularly suitable for charging gemstones when a change in your life is imminent or you are leaving a protracted phase behind or a separation has been completed. The Charging your gemstones at new moon is also excellent if you are a person who is anxious and tense about the future. The energies of the new moon can be excellently stored in your gemstones and given to you over time.

Charging gemstones during waning moon

The waning moon grounds you and allows you to calm down. The energy level after a full moon is very mild, as if you were coming to rest after a peak performance (in university, sports or relationships). If you charge your gemstones during the waning moon phase, your gemstones will help you calm down in the coming weeks - like the evening light of the sun, gemstones that have a calming effect on our mind benefit from the Energy of a waning moon.

Charge gemstones with rock crystal

Like hematite and amethyst, rock crystal occupies a special position among minerals and healing stones. This is because pure quartz is considered the "Switzerland of gemstones"; it is neutral and clear and has a strengthening effect on all other healing stones, which is why it is ideally suited as a charging pillar for your gemstone collection. Here varies the texture of Rock crystal as a charging stone: You can have the neutral quartz enthroned as a large block in the middle of your collection, or provide a shell or soapstone bowl with rock crystal nuggets in which gems are allowed to bathe regularly for energetic recharging.

Cleaning gemstones: it's all a question of intuition

As you can see, there are countless ways to cleanse and charge your gemstones, healing stones, minerals and gemstones. Except for a few key pointers, like touching them with water, salt, or charging them in sunlight, there are no limits to your imagination when it comes to cleansing gemstones. In addition to the above methods, you can also create your very own cleaning routine for healing stones and for example by visualization, energetic empathy or with singing bowls you can free your gemstones from old energies and fill them up with new power. The main thing is that you do not lose your joy in the beautiful and mysterious gemstones and do not see any work in working with them.

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