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Sparkling lucky charms: These gemstones bring protection, money and health

Oct 04, 2022Julia Hennes

Since time immemorial, gemstones and crystals as luck bringers and are often given as talismans to make others happy. But also in the living room at home a crystal or a whole collection of healing stones makes good to cleanse rooms energetically and thus attract luck and prosperity. Here we present you the most popular gemstones and crystals as lucky charms.

Crystals as lucky charms: that's why they work

Crystals were already considered thousands of years ago as healing lucky charms with different effects on the human body. And in the meantime, scientists are also interested in the vibrations of crystals and are researching diligently. For crystals not only affect us humans through electromagnetic vibration, but can also bring about technological progress in the field of so-called optronics (or Optoelectronics), the technology that revolves around the data transmission capability of light of light. Thanks to their semiconductor capability, crystals are used in the field of optical telecommunications, for example.

Gemstones and their effect

Even without modern research and technological progress, spiritual people knew far before our time about the vibrational effect of gemstones and crystals as lucky charms. This is shown by traditions from the times of the ancient Greeks, Babylonians, Egyptians and Phoenicians. These peoples made jewelry out of precious minerals and liked to wear ruby, emerald and co. as talismans for very different areas of life.

Crystals for luck

  • Jade
  • Tiger eye
  • Aventurine


Many people probably think of the Chinese culture first when it comes to jade. There, a real jade cult has developed over the past centuries: The mineral is not only processed there as a gemstone, but also serves as a noble decoration in the form of statues and furniture.

Jade is not only considered a lucky charm and a protective stone against evil spirits in Chinese culture. Jade is also revered in Central America and is used for sacrificial offerings, among other things. This is no wonder, because jade is considered an important Healing stone for harmony and balance. Lust for life, open-mindedness and joy are great attributes that jade can trigger in us humans. Jade is also said to help you fall asleep by placing it on your forehead!

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Tiger Eye

The Tiger Eye is one of the most popular healing stones in the world. This is probably mainly due to its silky golden sparkle, the so-called chatoyance (cat's eye effect). The vibration of tiger's eye is powerful and very special. For once placed in the palm of the hand, tiger's eye produces a calming effect that can go through the marrow and the bone. It is therefore not surprising that tiger's eye has always been revered as a lucky charm and given away as a talisman. Tiger eye also helps with concentration problems and is a great Lucky charm for school children and university visitors.


Aventurine is a gemstone that is bursting with optimism. Therefore, the green stone is considered a lucky charm, because people who walk through the world full of positive energy, literally attract luck! Already the ancient Greeks revered the aventurine, because it gives, in addition to a positive thinking, also a good portion of courage. Perhaps aventurine is even the lucky charm par excellence: Its name can be traced back to "a ventura", which means as much as "on good luck".

Gemstones for money and success

  • Citrine
  • Aquamarine


Citrine is a very special stone, which is supposed to bring luck in the form of money and prosperity. The old merchants in the Middle Ages already knew this; it is not for nothing that citrine is also called "merchant's stone". The orange stone is supposed to attract abundance and prosperity into our lives. For example, if you add to your money tree If you add one or two citrine spikes to your money tree, you may soon find that you don't know what to do with your wealth. On a less material level, citrine is said to be an excellent comforter, giving new courage to face loss and heartbreak.


The beautiful aquamarine is a popular good luck charm and talisman. Its delicate baby blue color is a miracle of nature, as is its vibration, which wants to shower us with prosperity. For according to legend, the beautiful stone of the Treasure of the mermaids mermaids. Aquamarine also helps us to complete projects and promotes concentration. The best conditions for a successful life.

Protective stones as talisman

  • Black Tourmaline (Schorl)
  • Labradorite

Black Tourmaline (Schorl)

Anything but useless is the black Tourmalinealthough its alias "Schörl" means the exact opposite. For Schörl is the protection stone par excellence and is given away and used worldwide as a talisman - and that since ancient times. The black tourmaline is supposed to protect against negative influences and is considered one of the strongest protective stones against negative energies - by the way, this also includes electrosmog and radiation! Schörl is therefore often kept in the bedroom to give us a restful sleep.


Labradorite is one of the most exciting jewelry and healing stones in the world. This is not least due to its mysterious shimmer, which can put us in deep trance states just by looking at it. Because of this, and because of its strong energetic vibration, labradorite is used as a good luck charm and for protection against negative influences. Because labradorite is said to strengthen our intuition, which is helpful in everyday selection of good and evil, positive and negative. Thus, labradorite encourages us to train and use our instinctive protective mechanisms.

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