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10 gemstones against sleep disorders: Sleep stone, pillow crystal and co.

Sep 13, 2022Julia Hennes

If counting sheep and listening to radio plays do not help you fall asleep in the evening, or if you are regularly startled from sleep because a nightmare does not let you sleep through, this can be very stressful for a fulfilled life in the short term and also in the long term. So-called sleep stones, crystals and gemstones against sleep disorders can work wonders. Here you can learn which gemstones have a sleep-promoting effect and which crystals in the bedroom are an absolute must-have for restful sleep.

According to DAK Gesundheit, one in ten employees in Germany suffers from a sleep disorder with problems falling asleep and staying asleep, poor sleep quality, daytime fatigue and exhaustion. According to the study from 2017, twice as many people affected swallowed sleeping pills than in 2010. A gentler way to get sleep disorders and problems falling asleep under control are healing stones, gemstones and crystals.

Which gemstones help with sleep disorders?

The energetic effect of gemstones on the human body and mind has not been scientifically proven. Nevertheless, energetic healers swear by the powers of the colorful lucky charms - and have done so for thousands of years. So it's no wonder that crystals, gemstones and precious stones are also used to combat sleep disorders. The reasons for sleepless nights are very individual. Nightmares are not always to blame for poor sleep. The well-known carousel of thoughts, fears and other causes can also cause fatigue in the morning. Below we list reasons for poor sleep and suitable healing stones.

Restful sleep

If you wake up in the morning and feel like you have been "run over", you most likely have not had a restful sleep. Worries, plans, events of the day: sometimes the head just does not come to rest and processes our daily experiences even during sleep. This can lead to our sleep not being of the quality we need for an energetic day. The following Gemstones bring restful sleep.

Amazonite soothes

Amazonite not only counteracts headaches, but also eliminates mood swings and inner turmoil on a mental level. Amazonite is thus the optimal Healing stone for sleep disorders by recurring worries, fears or doubts. It can be read again and again that amazonite works wonders for sleep disorders under the pillow.

Howlite soothes

Howlite is a real insider tip for sleep disorders. Because this mineral is known especially for its soothing effect. Howlite calms quick-tempered minds and strengthens the spirit especially in new life situations - a reason that can provide little restful sleep.

Fluorite takes away fears

Fluorite is known to relieve anxiety and neutralize bad thoughts. As a sleeping stone, it is therefore excellent, because fluorite provides a clear mind and has a calming effect on the soul. Those who suffer from anxiety will find a Fluorite under the pillow feel soothing.

Fall asleep faster

Another well-known sleep problem is the time it takes to finally fall into a comfortable sleep. Again and again, we think of things that still need to be done or the smallest disturbances, such as flashing lights or noises, pull us out of our doze. The following gemstone helps with problems falling asleep.

Aventurine relaxes

Aventurine is an absolute stress killer. The semi-precious stone is therefore really good as a sleep stone for problems falling asleep. Aventurine also relieves nervousness, which can also cause us schöaflose next, for example, before important conversations or exams. In addition, aventurine is considered Healing stone against nightmares.

Finally sleep through again

If you don't have problems falling asleep, but then you are pulled out of sleep again and again, the next morning you feel the tiredness like a heavy burden. In addition to physical complaints, such as a weak bladder, mental causes can also be behind sleepless nights. Then we hardly find the restful deep sleep phase. The following gemstones help to sleep through the night.

Chrysoprase against sorrow

The beautiful chrysoprase belongs to the chalcedony family and was already considered a healing stone against depression in ancient times. A deep sense of security envelops us when we know a specimen near us. Also, chrysoprase was already used by our ancestors as a sleep stone, because it eliminates sorrow, worries and helps dissolve negative thoughts. In bed or on the nightstand a must-have for the Sleep through.

Tourmaline (black) protects against negative energies

Tourmaline is a healing stone with infinite power. This is due to the fact that it has numerous variations, all of which have different effects on us. As a healing stone against sleep disorders, black tourmaline (Schörl) works best. Because it is considered one of the most important stones against negative energies. In addition, it is also one of the rare minerals that act against radiation from electronic devices and thus help us with the fall asleep and sleep through optimal support.

Switch off the mental carousel

When problems dominate everyday life, it is often difficult to switch off at night. Unfortunately, we lack a button with which worries, fears and doubts can be switched off at least for a few hours. It is true that gemstones and crystals do not replace this off button. Instead, some specimens can work wonders and turn the carousel of thoughts before going to bed. at least slow down.

Selenite against hyperactivity

Selenite - a stone so soft that it can be carved with a bare fingernail. Its shine nevertheless beguiles, and before bedtime especially, because the mineral from the gypsum family is a proven remedy against hyperactivity and restless thoughts. In the bedroom, it counteracts a dizzying carousel of thoughts and ensures a restful sleep.

Moonstone against moonstruck

The moonstone does not bear its name for nothing! A similarity with the moon can also be ruled out, rather, the moonstone is called so because it was already used by our ancestors for sleep disorders. Moonstone works optimally against sleep disorders and disturbing thoughts, if it lies under the pillow for a whole moon phase. After that, you should definitely remember to clean your clean your gemstone. Moonstone is also said to relieve anxiety. Good night!

Get rid of nightmares

They scare us and can sometimes feel so real that we are wrenched from sleep sweating, screaming or even crying. Nightmares can stay with us for days and weeks after they occur, and more importantly, they can bother us. Since people use healing stones, some specimens are also used against nightmares and are said to act as a Crystals for sleep disorders help.

Epidote for recreation

Epidote cleanses our mind from negative thoughts and helps in mental recovery. These energies can be used before bedtime counteract bad nightmares. In addition, epidote dispels grief and counteracts loneliness.

Citrine against stress and grief

Citrine is a real miracle weapon against psychological problems such as depressive phases, stress and grief. The yellow stone is also a real comforter. In difficult phases of life citrine therefore helps for a restful sleep and counteracts nightmares.

Correct use of gemstones against sleep disorders

You have found your gemstone for sleep disorders and want to know how to use it most effectively? Then there are several options how you can use your Healing stones for restful sleep in your bedroom.

Sleep stone under the pillow

The easiest way is to keep the sleeping stone under your pillow. There it will work directly where it is most important and effective: on your head with all your thoughts and strong energies. Especially the crown, forehead and throat chakra are addressed and energetically stimulated. Just don't forget to change and clean your healing stone under your pillow regularly.

Healing stone on the nightstand

Very sensitive people could use a a healing stone under the pillow could be too much of a good thing. In this case, the energetic vibration of the stone may even interfere with falling asleep. Especially if you have chosen a more stimulating stone. In this case, it is worth trying to place the healing stone against sleep disorders on the nightstand, where it can still work well with a little distance.

As a piece of jewelry against sleep disorders

Great is also Gemstone jewelry for nightly energy work. Jewelry you already wear on the body, so you do not forget in the evening to put your gemstone against sleep disorders under the pillow or next to the bed. Gemstone necklaces, Bracelets with healing stones or Gemstone rings are particularly suitable.

Sleep ritual: Crystal Grid for good sleep

Fixed rituals can calm us down before going to bed and cleanse our mind from everyday and stressful thoughts. Therefore, this time of day is perfect for creating a small or large Crystal Grid, which you lay out of gemstones for sleep and place either under your bed or on the nightstand. For this you will need a printer and a handful of gems for sleep problems. Simply print out a large life flower or other spiritual pattern or mandela and intuitively lay out the gems on it in a "grid". The energetic connection and geometry of the pattern will bring order to your mind and guarantee restful sleep. In our store you will also find Selenite plates with sacred geometric shapes, which are ideal for small Crystal Grids in the bedroom suitable.

Gemstones against sleep disorders arranged as Crystal Grid

Gemstones are not a substitute for a doctor

Try yourself in the world of gemstones and discover whether their healing powers are beneficial for you or not. But please remember that gemstones are not a substitute for a doctor's visit and medication. If you continue to suffer from sleep disorders, ask your doctor for advice.

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